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How to get client from Instagram in 8 simple steps

You can’t get clients and make sales if people don’t know about your brand. Your target audience must learn about your business, and Instagram is a great place to get the visibility you want. Below you can read eight steps that you can follow to get more clients on Instagram.

1. Optimize Your Profile
When you start with a new account, the first step is to create a profile. You need a nice and professional picture, a small description of your business or yourself, and a link to your sales funnel or a product page.

The description can explain who you are and how you can help your target audience. It must be relevant to your niche or the services that you plan to promote. If you already have a profile, you can improve it by following the same steps.

2. Quality Content Is Key

Instagram is all about content. You need quality images and videos that make sense to your target audience. It is easy to find images on stock image websites and uses tools like Canvas to edit them. Another option is to take snaps or videos with your smartphone and add small descriptions below them. In both cases, quality is important.

Many internet marketers don’t know what content to create. Simply, you can teach your followers something, show your expertise, or answer questions. You don’t have to find extraordinary content ideas but just help people.

3. Use Hashtags

When you publish new content, you can add hashtags to the description. Many Instagram experts and influencers add multiple hashtags to each post.

This strategy can help you to get more visibility because many people use them to search for posts on Instagram. Also, many suggested posts on the search page are based on hashtags that the user has clicked in the last days. However, you don’t want to spam a specific hashtag but have a number of available options.

4. Engage With Your Target Audience

Instagram is not only about publishing content, but you must also engage with other people’s content. For example, if you leave comments on other posts in your niche, some users will leave comments back on your posts. It’s a simple concept that works in most social media networks. When others see you active on Instagram, there are more chances to get their attention.

5. Stories Still WorK

Many users check stories daily. They can help you reach more people and promote your products. When you publish a new story, every follower can see that on the top of the page. Some users check all the available stories of the people that they follow.

If you share your posts on your stories, you can get more views without extra work. Another option is to promote offers for a limited time. Stories are viewable only for 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about too many promotions.

6. Plan Your Posts

When you plan your posts, you need to consider the best possible hours for your audience and how many posts you want to post per day. Your target audience has specific habits. So, you can find them online in specific hours. If you publish new content when your followers are online, you will get more views. For multiple posts, you can share them at different hours. There are many free scheduling tools to plan your posts in advance.

7. Use Instagram Adverting

Instagram Ads use the data of Facebook to find the demographics and interests of other users. These options allow you to target a specific audience that is super relevant to your products.

It is very easy to create an advertising campaign on Instagram. You need to add your preferences, and then it’s about testing different ads. Instagram Ads is the fastest way to grow your following and find potential customers, but you need to invest some money to get started.

8. Consistency

You need to be consistent with your actions if you want to grow a following and people check your links. Influencers have a daily routine that they publish content and engage with other people’s content. This routine does not have to take a lot of time, but it must be consistent. If you repeat things that work for a few months, you will get good results.


If you follow the steps above consistently and your content is relevant to your target audience, you will build a following for your business. Many marketers have built their businesses with traffic from Instagram. You can get the same results if you do the right things.


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